Well this is good? I guess? Right? Maybe? 

Well this is good? I guess? Right? Maybe? 


pluto is a planet again it’s like the time sir arthur conan doyle killed off sherlock holmes and the fans terrorized him into bringing him back

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92 Truths

Doing this bc I’m narcissistic and adore talking about myself to strangers


1.last beverage? XXX vitamin water zero (I FRICKEN HATE ZERO) 

2.last phone call? People still make those?
3.last text message? “Haha but it’s not Andrea” 
4.last song you played? W.A.M.S. by Fall Out Boy

5.Last night you cried? hmm Friday bc my roommate trashed our room the night before parents weekend and everything reeked of raspberry vodka


6. dated someone twice? NOR ONCE

7. Been cheated on? I believe that would require being with someone 
in the first place
8. Kissed someone and regretted it? You could have stopped after someone 
9. Lost someone special? My grandpa was a really awesome guy 
10. Been depressed? Not like clinically but like really unmotivated and sad yes but to a normal healthy degree I believe 
11. Been drunk and threw up? Nopes

12. Red
13. Navy Blue
14. Maroon 


15. Made a new friend? Yeah I guess so 

16. Fallen out of love? That would require being in love I believe so no
17. Laughed until you cried? all the time I’m crazy  

18. Met someone who changed you? If so I don’t know it yet 
19. found out who your true friends are? I like my friends so I guess? 
20. Found out someone was talking about you? No I’m not relevant enough

21. Kissed anyone on your fb friends list? again, stop after anyone. 


22.how many on your fb friends list do you actually know in real life? All of them? 
23.do you have an enemy? THE MAN 

24.do you have any pets? my beautiful black lab puppy nugget whom I miss more than my family 
25.do you want to change your name? Idk I go by my middle name which is often confusing for some people so maybe for practical reasons I’ll make it my first name later in life but I like my name
26. What did you do for your last birthday? On my actual birthday I wrote college application essays but my wonderfully stupid friends threw me an amazing surprise party a few days later because they’re amazing
27.what time did you wake up today? 9 am 

28.what were you doing at midnight last night? Probably on Facebook admiring this mindblowingly hilarious post I made
29.Name something you cant wait for? to go home from college for Columbus Day weekend 
30.last time you saw your mum? this weekend for parents weekend 
31.one thing you wish you could change about your life? Less of the social anxiety would be nice

32.what am listening to right now? idk a car just drove by that made some noise

33. Have you ever talked to a person named tom? Yes he is in my improv group

34. whats getting on your nerves right now? That I’m at college and not home

35.most visited website? This hellhole of a blog
36.blood type? I think O something bc I’m universally loved (by people who need blood) actually that reminds me I’m an asshole and didn’t go to the blood drive.
37.nickname? Doorknob and wombat were the most unusual from my childhood
38. Relationship status? Single and very opposed to mingling 

39. Zodiac sign? Capricorn 

40. Pronouns? She/her/it (by my sister she sucks)

41. Elementary School? it had swings outside does that help 
42. Highschool? there were trees there
43. College? we have classes and buildings 
44. hair colour? Brown 
45. Short or long? Longish I guess (long enough to cover the nip slip I have in my senior year book FUCK YOU EDITOR) 

46. height? 5’2 on a good day 

47. Do you have a crush on someone? No thankfully 

48. What do you like about yourself? I have a cool sweater

49. Piercings? Not even my ears I dislike pain
50. tattoos? see above.
51. right or lefty? Right
y I’m a conformist
52. First surgery? my mom wanted to have my sarcasm removed 

53. First piercings? pierced the egos of the self-absorbed 
54. First best friend? Kiley! 

55. First sport you joined? dance I think, then soccer and softball
56. first vacation? Florida
57. First alcoholic drink? church wine (and last!) 
58. first pair of trainers? I remember some barbie light-ups
59. Eating? three bean chile from the cafe which is actually delicious 

60. Drinking? nothing I finished the vitamin water 
61. I’m about to? pee I had two of those vitamin waters
62. Listening to? didn’t I answer this already 

63. Waiting for? my bladder to be relieved 

64.want kids? Maybe eventually but atm the thought scares the shit out of me. But I am 18 so it probably should 

65.get married? I guess so 


67. Lips or eyes? I have both! Jealous?

68. Hugs or kisses? personal space

69. shorter or taller? I think it would be really cool to be the exact same height

70. Older or younger? probably the same 

71. Romantic or spontaneous? not cheesy   

72.nice arm? hopefully two? 

73.sensitive or loud? lets me talk

74.hook-up or relationship? Relationship

75.trouble maker or hesitant? the worst is the people so desperate to be trouble makers  they’re annoying as hell


76. Kissed a stranger? stop before a. When will you learn

77.drank hard liquor? nope 

78.lost glasses/contacts? temporarily in 6th grade I hoped that would mean I would never have to wear them 

79. Sex on the first date? No… (stop before on) 
80. Broken someone’s heart? HA most probably not  

81. Had your own heart broken? No I have pretty good cholesterol I think I’ll be fine in that department 
82. Been arrested? No I’m like best friends with our town cop he makes really awesome fudge

83.turned someone down? Maybe not outright I’m just a real bitch if I think you like me because I get embarrassed 

84.cried when someone died? Of course

85. Fallen for a Friend? No thankfully that sounds awful

86. yourself? in some respects 

87.miracles? Ya 

88. Love at first sight? not at all
89. Heaven? Yas 
90. Santa Claus? Obvi
91.kiss on the first date? eh depends 

92. Angels? Yes

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can someone explain the intricacies of youtube law that would cause DailyGrace to lose rights to Grace’s videos if (and by if I mean WHEN because it is obviously only a matter of time) It’sGrace passes them in subscribers? Because that sounds lovely but like a weird law


Sam Pepper is losing subscribers as quick as I wish “Daily Grace” would.

The performance evaluation bit from today’s Not Too Deep is the most impressive improv I’ve ever heard THEY JUST KEEP GOING 


Grace aproves 




This is my favorite

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"Ship some Mace, dammit" 


"Ship some Mace, dammit" 

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